The Long Goodbye by Samantha Heller MS RD

Today is the first Mother’s Day without my mom, but I am not overcome with grief.  I am sad that for the last several years I could not celebrate this holiday with her because of her dementia.  We tried to take her out a few times, my sisters and I, but as you know if you have a family member who has Alzheimer’s or dementia, taking them out to a restaurant or store can be a train wreck.  Poor mom. Her last years were miserable and I think that is what bothers me most.  I tried to make her experience as tolerable as I could but there are limits to what one can accomplish.  Caring for a loved one with dementia is a long and difficult goodbye.

Today (and most days) I remember the fun I had with Mom. I loved hanging out with her.  She was warm, insightful and  easy to be with. I wish I could show her our garden and ask her advice on what color to paint the family room.  I miss playing Scrabble with her and watching the dog show on TV together.  She loved animals.  A gift she passed on to me and my sisters.  And when something struck us funny, we could laugh for hours.

So today I celebrate Mom’s kindness, sense of humor, bright mind and beauty and the courage with which she faced life’s difficulties.  I honor all moms, with and without children, for there are many kinds of mothering.  And thank the Moms of the world for all they have given me in one way or another.  Happy Mother’s Day!


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Samantha Heller is a registered dietitian, certified dietitian/nutritionist and exercise physiologist. As a registered dietitian and exercise physiologist Samantha strives to be sure accurate, scientifically based yet practical health advice and recommendations are available to the public via her radio show on SiriusXM's Doctor Radio, articles, books and appearances. Samantha is also a senior clinical nutritionist at NYU Langone Medical Center's new Center for Musculoskeletal Care & Sports Performance Center where she works with patients & athletes to optimize health & performance. Samantha's radio show is a live two hour show on SiriusXM's DOCTOR Radio, Friday's from 12-2p.m. ET. Her new, best selling book The Only Cleanse, is an evidence based guide to helping you optimize your body's innate ability to keep you healthy. She deconstructs popular trends such as fasting, juicing and colonics and offers an intelligent, practical and science based 14 day plan to help you be your healthiest. Samantha’s first book GET SMART:SAMANTHA HELLER’S NUTRITION PRESCRIPTION FOR BOOSTING BRAIN POWER AND OPTIMIZING TOTAL BODY HEALTH is published by the Johns Hopkins University Press. Medically peer reviewed, Get Smart shows you how to boost brain power, improve memory, lose weight and reduce the risk of cognitive decline and dementia. Voted the #2 BEST SUMMER READ by the Huffington post, For more on Get Smart go to; With her unique, motivating and entertaining style and respected status as a medical professional with extensive media experience, Samantha is a favored expert on shows including Dr. Oz, Today show, Good Morning America, NY1 News and CBS This Morning, Samantha is a highly sought after expert, spokesperson, writer, keynote and public speaker. Twitter: @SamanthaHeller FB:
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